Sunday, May 28, 2006


Little Emma's parents are actually old clients. I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding a few years back and now they have this lovely calm little girl...she was wayyyy to easy to photograph! LOL Her mum bought in these great to find me some of those!

Emma took a few minutes to warm up to us but when she did...she did....

Showing her I'm too cute face

3 little cousins

Well I have lots of portraits to catch up on, so we will start with these little girls......not an easy task working with 3 under 3, but I had heaps of fun trying. The girls played in nearly the last of the leaves we have this year. The leaves lasted no where as long as last year...sigh...

It is so much fun when mums bring in hats etc to add to it.

hmm hehe she found a left over animal from my sons party and hence carried it around for a while, but it made a cute series of images.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My sons 7th birthday party!

Boy it seems the week for birthday images!! My son wanted so bad to have a jungle themed party this here are some pics...

Setting up and getting ready....

some datails.....
a little green frog!

Harrison getting his face painted....

and the end result.....

just toooooo cute!

hmmm how to fit 31 kids and over 20 adults in 1 small space due to a little rain...arhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

hehe I thought this so funny as she thought she could sneak off to enjoy her lollies...LOL

I know...more details.....
I just loved this little moment with her playing with the bubbles..

and gos ya have to love NANA!!! and the great cake she made for him!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Alessia's 1st birthday

Had the great honor of capturing Alessia's 1st birthday party!Doesnt she look a doll.....

And how is this for the party room!! WOW...there were so many details I didnt know where to start....
So here are a couple detail images as we all know I love the details....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some cute kids!

Well trying to play catch up and post what I have been up to the last few are a few images from some of the portraits I have been doing...
how are these too guys!!! they had these amazing huge eyes!

Dont all kids just love bubbles....

And here is little Olivia having just way too much fun on our front lawn in the mass of leaves we have at the moment.

I just love her face as that leaf fell on her face...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Christine & Geoffrey

Still trying to catch up! This was the first wedding I had from my return after getting back from USA, and boy was I ready to go. I was so inspired from the US convention that I was eager to get straight back into it and what a wedding to do so! Christine had an amazing 3 gowns to wear on her wedding and each one of them stunning. And the location at Chateau Yering in the Yarra valley just worked out perfect.

Below is the 1st gown she wore for the tea ceremonies and look at the detail...
this was a 1st for me! They had the wedding cake outside by the ceremony location and then cut the cake after the ceremony. I so loved that idea.

I so love his face in this....makes me giggle each time I see it.

Seems Geoffrey got caught out least he was having fun.

And how is this little doll...she was one of 2 flowergirls on the day.

Of course more of their wedding can be viewed on my site

Friday, May 05, 2006

Vow renewal in Vegas!!

What a day this was!!!
One hot couple on one very hot day! LOL
Jen & Steve Bebb who a 2 great photographers decided to renew their vows while we were in Vegas for the convention. Opps the order is a little out, but I am sure you get the idea.
This is Jen trying to get herself into a taxi so we could head off to the chapel! And I had a laugh when I saw the sign on the taxi as well.
Also with me on the day was the lovely Chenin (above) and her husband Doug. these guys are so talented with a camera and also got some amazing check out their blog as well for some other images.
Here is Jen trying on the gown and having a ball!
hmm waiting for the chapel.......
the outside of the fun was this place!!

I also had a play with my new toy (above)... it is a holga camera, and boy am I going to have fun with THIS camera!
This is me taking some a shot of Jen in the carpark...and the result below.

I just love this image for some reason, dirty feet and all...LOL....
And poor Jen squished (is there such a word??!!) herself into this space, because I had this crazy idea!