Monday, November 20, 2006

Amy & Michael's wedding

Amy and Michael had such beautiful weather...(even though Amy might say that it could have been just a little cooler) the sun shone at the right moments and when we did the photos after the ceremony the sun hid beautifully under clouds just at the right time! SO here is a little highlight for them until they get back and there will be more on the actual site within the next couple of weeks.
Even though Amy isn"t smiling in this one I just love it..
Michael arriving at the venue to get changed
Ooo here is some details of the ties as you all know I love the details, the girls had some great details on their dresses too..more images to follow on the site
Amy about to walk down the aisle in her amazing gown

Couldnt you just eat this flower girl! She was a doll!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tina & Duncan's wedding

Well here are a few more images from the wedding I did with Debbie from Bliss Photography up in Queensland.
It is always exciting to have a bride wearing colour and take a look at her flowers...not a rose in sight! These guys were fan-bloody-tastic, they were ready and game to do anything and they didnt even let a little rain...did I say little (hmm it bucketed down for most of the day) get in the way.
Check out the flowers!

A cheeky bridesmaid..

the super cool groom

hehe and this is Deb getting down and dirty to get THE shot..and that ground was not dry either folks...GO DEB!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

little teaser

Ok here are a couple of images from the great wedding I helped fellow photographer Deb Amsler on up in Queensland, more to follow...I know I always seem to write that, but at the moment with Christmas fast approaching we are in over load hehe

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sorry been away!

Sorry with being slack it keeping this up to date,
but I have been away again!
This time it was up to Queensland to do a wedding, a portrait session and an album design with my lovely couple that I photographed in Fiji this year.
So hence you can understand why I am a bit behind
in the blog department!