Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank you!

As you have probably worked out we have closed the doors and hit the wall.
Looking forward to having a LITTLE time off...yes just a little,
still have 1 more wedding for the year.
Well anyway this is just thank you for all my customers that had made it a joy this year and also thanks to the clients that have sent me cards and PRESENTS! Thank you....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas vouchers

Ok guys..yes you the ones that are calling like today & yesterday asking if we can do prints from your weddings for Christmas...hehehe. Sorry that the cut off day has been and gone but feel free to call and we can organise a voucher for you to give to that friend or family member so they can pick the image they want. We will even have some deals for you! But be quick you have to call by 2pm Wednesday 20th!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Re Christmas times

Just to let you all know that Tara (my right arm & who you speak to on the phone as I am normally at the computer or out on location) is off on well earned holiday for a couple of weeks,
so we have decided to shut down for a well earned rest time.
So we finish up at 2pm on Wednesday the 20th and back on the 4th Jan. But please leave a message as I will try and do my best to check it as
much as possible.
Have a great one everyone and dont eat TOOO much...then again...why NOT! LOL

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby Sienna

Yes I know in the tittle I have "Baby Sienna" but her little brother Tarun tried to steal the show! hehe . I photographed him when he was 9 weeks old so his new sister had her turn. We went to Stephen & Tracy's home to capture these and they had this great room that worked perfect to shoot in! Tarun showing me how he can run across the sofa!
How cute is this moment with father and daughter..
And just as we were about all done I gave Tracy a look with an evil glint in my eye hehe...can I please?!?!......and this is what I spied in the hall way.....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Little Alex part 2

This is part 2 of this session as I hadnt had a chance to get through them all when I post the others (further down a couple of posts). But how lucky were we!! OMG take a look at this peacock!!

Angela & Tom

Angela and Tom actually got married in New York! But they came over here to have a cocktail party and celebrate with family and friends at Chateau Yering...This is her little nephew and how are these eyes!
He is learning early..and opening the doors for the ladies already...hehe

What a great day to start off with drinks on the lawn before they moved on in to the Oak room.
Ok ladies..this is for all you shoe fans out there ;)

To add a little NY to the food they had these real cute hot dogs and there were even little mini hamburgers as well!!

How special do I feel!

Ooo forgot to post these! Just as we were about to leave Linda & Ryan's wedding we got presented these!! YUMMY!!!! They had these cupcakes for everyone..(as I was photographing them I was licking my lips hehe) and wow we got some as well!!! THANKS GUYS!!! hmm the words didnt come up to well did they??
"Vanessa, huge thanks for all your hard work! We saved you one!"

Linda & Ryan's wedding

It was a nice change to have a lunch wedding and on a FRIDAY! Well it was a nice early start....(but I am an early bird anyhow ;) ) and the weather was perfect. Here are a few images and as normal...more on the site within a couple of weeks.

Linda & Ryan chose to have 1 big long table rather than a whole lot of round ones...I liked it, worked really well for their reception..which was at Quat Quatta.

Mmm food

Hmm more food! yum...ok enough of the food...I am getting hungry!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Little Alex part 1

Oh dear Alex's mum is going to shot me hehe...
I photographed Alex's brother at this age now it is her turn. I have managed to go through only half of them (I took heaps!) and came across these little gems...still got alot more to go through so hence why this is part 1 as I am sure there will be a few more.....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I must post more images...

I must post more images,
I must post more images I must post more images!!
Well I try and keep saying that to myself but yet again another few days go by without doing so...hmm. I have heaps to more to share and cant wait to do so, but with all the Christmas orders and albums to try and get through, its been hard. So stay with me and I will do my best to play catch up, as there are 2 more weddings to and many many portraits! Worth the wait with lots of very cute kids to come...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rosie, Matt & family

I have photographed Rosie and her family for a number of years now (even when she was pregant), so I have been lucky enough to capture her family and been able to watch her 2 little boys grow...gosh I love my job!
Well this session was more about Luke as Jake had his session just over a year or so and now it was Luke's turn...but of course we had to get some of all of them is one below
And of course Luke.....dont know how Rosie and Matt are going to pick...their kids are too cute!