Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kellie & Keith's wedding!

I know I know a little late and I am sure your family and friends have been waiting for these! I found it very hard to try and select just a few as these guys had every detail down to a "T". Everything was in some form of shade of purple,from the signing pen to even Kellie's SLIPPERS! They opted to see each other prior to their late morning ceremony which gave a an amazing chance to put Kellie into a BATHTUB!! You go girl! OK I was making strange nosies of glee while I was taking them and was so glad there was not a video camera around at the time! Once the photos were taken we all headed of to an old beautiful hotel in Queenscliff to have the ceremony then everyone walked down the street to catch the train to the lunch reception! It was just amazing I had the best time and all the guests seem to be really enjoying themselves as well, as it was all a little different than your traditional style wedding...well enough are just a few images..

I'm back but my brain isnt! hehe

Well back on Aussie soil but I think I left the brains behind! With an over night flight and no sleep....oh well never mind, well worth it anyhow. So now I will post up a few images from Keith & Kellie's wedding (well sometime today anyhow)! Sorry guys that it has taken a little while longer than normal.. ;(

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Live from Bali !!

OK been a bit slack trying to keep this up to date BUT
I have had an excuse so please forgive me!!
At the moment I am in Bali and have just photographed this amazing wedding of
Mark & Louise yesterday. And man 'o' man what a wedding!!!!
So back home tomorrow and I will try and play catch up by the weekend...and
post you lots and lots more images so stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Louise & Bill's wedding part 2

Ok so here is part 2 from their are all the old cars at the wedding!?!
Bill does them up and has done an amazing job.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Louise & Bill's wedding part 1

Fianlly I can get some images up of this wedding!! Things are just a little crazy but within the next couple of weeks I should start catching up with the wedding session slowing down. This wedding reception was at Kilmany House near sale and someone from above was looking after them with the weather as the rain stopped just when we needed it too. And as soon as we got the shot it would start again! Louise's gown was a Mariana Hardwick design with all this amazing detail on it from top to bottom. Well here are a couple pre ceremony and part 2 to follow.

Hows this for a groom's arrival! With hay bales and all in the back.

Opps naughty naughty ;) well we are only at the gate...right??

Friday, May 11, 2007

The next wedding due up

Bill & Louise's wedding is due up very very soon. I know family and friends have been waiting with great patience. But with soooooo many images to go through I just cant pick!!! But here is just one of Louise for now for you ;)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ben & Kate's wedding

Ben & Kate's wedding was at the beautiful estate of "Chateau Yering" in the Yarra Valley.
The weather was not the kindest for them but hey at a venue like this what does it matter!! There are heaps of places to capture the couple in the dry. Can you believe that Ben actually made the cake himself!! Go BEN!