Friday, June 29, 2007

Shine & Andrews wedding

This is a little highlight of Shine & Andrews wedding with the ceremony in Malvern and then the reception at "The Willows". Apart from the lack of daylight by the time we got to the city for the photos the day went beautifully. The weather couldnt have been better for a Melbourne winters day and the sun even made a slight peak through the clouds.

A few minor adjustments....

Well they sat 2 are better than 1 right?? hehe..2 of the groomsmen showing their photographing skills...
yes she is in there!
oh how cute are the next 2 images!! This is Shine just as they were told they are husband & wife and the next one is Andrew giving his groomsman a wink after they had a kiss!!

many of you might know of this location..well beware you now have to PAY yes pay to use it!!
and then it was off to the reception...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Louise & Mark's Bali wedding part 3

Managed to get to put up some of Louise & Mark's here they are!Oh I just sooo had to put this one in! hehe

The view from one of the tables as the sun was going down over the ocean

everyone lit up sparklers..what a glow!
yum look at this for the cake..but I dont know what was inside for all you cake somehow I forgot to try and score one..doh..hehe

and Louise getting into a full throw with the bouquet toss..
and to finish off..what else but the bridal waltz..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Louise & Mark's Bali wedding part 2!

Well I know!!!! this is well over due but lately I must be spending nearly half my day just replying to emails! So I thought I must post more of this great Bali wedding but will have to do it in 3 yes 3 parts...(so another to come!!!) Hope you like them Louise as I know you have been waiting to see some more....

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I havent shared a portrait for a while and should have posted these before I went to Bali!!

This is little Millie who has the personality the size of...arh well lets just say a huge one. She was so much fun..I was there to photograph her new born little brother but while he was having a feed she thought she would show me how high she can jump of her bed and then the others were us playing boo..hehe. Too cute.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Louise & Mark's Bali wedding! part 1

Well here it is!! Some images from the Bali wedding I just got back from this week. I have just selected a handfull of images to go up as I havent even had a chance to even go through them in there is no real order..sorry! But I am sure their family and friends would be happy with any I am happy to share ;) . Louise & Mark were at another destination wedding I did about 2 years ago in Fiji for Liz & Josh and they were guests at the wedding as well so it was great to catch up with them again. This wedding was at this amazing venue on a clifftop called ''The Istana" and wowsa what a place to have a wedding, just take a look at the vista below... well enjoy and I will try and put part 2 up within the next few thanks for having me guys I hope you had a great time!

the girls were so much fun

and the handsome groom..
This is the view!! Just look at that cliff and ocean!