Friday, September 14, 2007

Just a hint....

Just thought I would share an image that I did from a recent shoot..and to let you know that it maybe a little hard for the next couple of weeks for me to post up on my blog...but stay tuned ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sarah & Grant..take 2

Yay it worked this morning!! So here are a few more I am sure you 2 will be keen to see them, and I take it all the hits from Canada I have been having are Grant's family that keep logging on to see if I have put any more up;) looking forward in meeting you all in April at their wedding!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sarah & Grant!!

Ok I tried!..hmm tried to load up your photos tonight but something is going wrong and blogger is having a hissy fit...So I will try and load them tomorrow..BUT for some reason I could load just 1 this is it darn it...hmm no snow here I know! But we couldnt let their little dog out in the snow, being a National Park and all so when we got down to the bottom we let her out and welllll let just say she must have had a sugar fix on the trip down the mountain! hehe too cute she was and there was no way she was sitting still for a photo! LOL

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just a hint from Sarah & Grants shoot

This is from the shoot I did up in the snow (well whats left of it!) of Sarah & Grant. I think poor Sarah got the rough end of the deal during a snow fight! So I just had to post at least 1 image for now for a sneak peak..(many more to come)...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Becs 21st!

Well here are a couple of images from Becs 21st! Some of you will know her from answering the phone or maybe assisting me at a wedding....She really tested my skills at getting these images!! (she shall pay later ;)..only kidding Bec) as I worked in this VERY small space, but I love a challenge and I have posted you an image of the space I had...and then of course the results. Oh Rachel is soooo going to hate me for posting that image above!

some of my tag-ees

so I thought I would add these guys to the TAGGED list....
Uber Photography
Debbie Amsler

i am just going to tag 3 for now...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I've been TAGGED!

Ok I have been tagged TWICE! Critsey & Ute
Whats tagged you may ask...well there is this thing going around like a bad cold in the photographer world and if you are tagged you have to list 8 facts about yourself and then tag some other poor photographers (get to them later)
anywho here are my 8! arhhh
#1 ; I have a major soft spot for snake or jellybaby lollies
#2 ; I spend wayyyy too much time on my computer
#3 ; I love to cook (when I have time) and then leave the mess for hubby to clean up..opps
#4 ; I have 2 speeds full speed ahead and stop...and none inbetween...
#5 ; I totally freak out at the thought of snakes! and think I could just die from just seeing one in the wild without it even giving me a bite!
#6 ; I can not stand being late for anything...drives me crazy
#7 ; I have a thing for the colour orange and even painted 2 of my walls in it! (but I also have a thing for teal...maybe because its the Tiffany colour hehe)
#8 ; and last but not least...I can not start the day without a cup of tea!

So there you have it now some poor other photographers are in trouble!