Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Hours

Just to let you all know that we are not taking much of a break at all over Christmas...
So to let you know that we are closing the office @ 2.30pm on Thursday 20th. Due to the public holidays etc we will reopen for a few hours on Friday 28th Dec (yes I know we arent open on Fridays but we will make it an exception). Then reopen on the 3rd Jan with our normal hours :)
So in the meantime feel free to email us over that time and me or Bec will do our best to reply ASAP.


Christmas is on the doorstep and I am still in a mad panic! As I have SOOO many sessions I was hoping to get up before now...doh...
There is another wedding, a post and pre wedding shoot, babies and more!!
But wait till you see the post and pre wedding shoots we did within
less of a week of each other!
Anna & Anthony decided to do a shoot after their wedding day (gown suit etc plus street wear) in the middle of the city...OK you can fell my fear of the city in the middle of December..traffic, people xmas rush etc etc so the only option was to do it at 6am in the morning! Yip you read it right! Rebecca and I headed off from the studio just after 5am so we could hit the streets before it got too busy!
And the pre wedding shoot we did of a couple who are getting married in March..was just as exciting! Even though it rained nearly the whole time we didnt let that stop us at all. Man wait till you see some of those images as that couple were smokin' (lucky he was a fireman! hehe). So bare with us we are trying to get through all the mound of work without having a complete meltdown LOL.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

1 more image

I had to post this image of Rachel (my assistant) writting her name on the bottom of Savoula's shoe. some of you might know that tradition ;) as I am married I didnt get a to do it, so I will be interested in whose name is left Savoula! hehe

Savoula & Andrew's wedding

Oh gosh a whole week without posting naughty me!
Well anyhow this is a few images from Savoula & Andrew's wedding which was in South Melbourne and then with the reception at "One Fiztroy Street). Ok I may have got a little excited when I spied the "Alex Perry" tag on her was beautiful! Ok enough typing and on with the images.

the buzz of everyone getting ready...

THE label ;)

some detail of the back of the gown...

the amazing church..

the happy couple

and a couple of details at the reception..

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chris & Belinda's wedding

Finally!! Yes finally I get up Belinda & Chris's wedding..(sorry guys!). We had a top day and the weather was amazing..ok a little hot but great. Once the ceremony and family photos were done off we went do capture some images of the bridal party. And can you believe it that it was only 34 mins from the 1st shot to the last shot at the location and all was done! I am still amazed how some couples think they have to have 3 hours yes 3! hours for photos after the ceremony....but you dont have to have that long at all. We werent rushed (they even had time for drinks and a snack!) and I am sure the bridal party can ensure you of that ;) Anyhow here is a sneak peak for guys..
look forward is seeing you soon!hmm couldnt pick if I liked the B/W or the colour one to did both hehe

something a little different....



and details......

the glam bride..

Belinda and her sister Peta (I did her sisters wedding a few years back)

final touches..

and the girls as well..

watch out Lachlan auntie Belinda wants a kiss...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Coming Soon To a Blog Near You.....

Just to keep you updated during this crazy time!!!! My next post will feature Belinda and Chris who got married at St Johns, Toorak followed by a reception at Brighton International... (hoping to have this up in the next couple of days guys....thanks for being so patient!!!!). And then to following this classy wedding is the very glam Savoula (in a magnificent Alex Perry gown...wowsa!) and Andrew at their very trendy St Kilda venue.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


A bit of a change of pace with this post. A couple of my brides have asked me ideas/images for flowers other than the famous bunch of roses..well since alot of brides here were having just that I thought I would take my search else where and make a calling to my fellow photographer friends world wide to share some of what is happening overseas in the flower here are just a few to get the creative juices flowing girls. So dont be too scared to step outside the rose box ;)
Thanks goes to all the photographers who aloud me to post their images up on my blog!!