Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pinar & Levant's wedding..

Here is the 1st part from this great wedding!! Pinar & Levant decided to met prior to the ceremony to have ALL their photos done (family and all!!) this allowed them to get straight into party mode after the ceremony which happened in the middle of the reception room and then they had an AMAZING pro guy there with a big spot light!! OMG I was in heaven!....the interesting light it was giving was out of this world and I had so much fun working with it!!! A MUST at every wedding! hehe...will show some images later of that part..anyhow lets start of with Pinar (and isnt this gown just beautiful)before she met up with Levant.
She was just devine and so sweet...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A little hint from the Pallicano family

SO here are a couple more from the same shoot as from the image below ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A teaser for Penny

Sorry Penny just had to give you a little teaser image before you came in! ;)
Penny and her beautiful family came to me to have some images of their family done, but she didnt want the normal posed ones and smiley at the camera...gotta LOVE that!
Instead we caught some beautiful moments between them all that I hope they will cherish..anyhow had to post this one up for now of Penny and her daughter that I love..(more to follow!)

Monday, February 18, 2008


Sorry guys dont know whats going on but we can send but cant receive them!! arhh
Anyway while the problem is being solved feel free to use THIS email address we have set up for the time being. Once again sorry.. :(

Friday, February 15, 2008


..hehee..can you tell I am a LITTLE excited! as I clap my hands and do a happy dance (ok not a good look and glad there is no visual LOL)
Ok one of my up and coming weddings is going to be AMAZING! the bride is wearing a colour..(but cant tell who or what colour just none yes none of the guests know!! hehe)...and by colour I mean COLOUR with a capital "C", not colour as in a silver, soft pink or even pale blue if you are getting my drift. AND a little birdy told me she could be even wearing a BLACK veil...OH my THIS is SOOOO exciting. You go girl!!!!
I shall keep you all updated as much as I can ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kylie & Anthony's final instalment

I finally am able to finish this entry..sorry guys!!!! So here is part 3 ;)
hmm dont know quite what was going on here with the boys hehe..but while I was capturing some images of the happy couple the guys thought they would do handstands...OK LOL

Monday, February 11, 2008

Kylie & Anthony's next selection

I managed to pick out some more from this couples wedding for you all. There will be 1 more entry after this of the images taken at Rippon stay tuned.

all the bridesmaids wore a different style dress but in the same fabric...and it looked really great! Well done ladies!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kylie getting ready..

Well I am going to have to do this wedding in parts! So lets start off 1st with some details (of course) and a couple of getting ready etc... Lots more to follow as I was hoping to get them all up by today but it is with regret that it just wasnt possible..
Anyhow I hope you 2 are having a great time in the sun and cant wait to get the rest up for you!

I had some competition on the day girls were too much fun and great at your duties ;)
ok Kylie had some amazing detail on her I just had to put in another..
stay tuned for this is just the beginning!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Preview: Kylie & Anthony

Sneak peak guys ;)
Well blue skies and a steaming hot day was in order for this couple!
Thought we would try something a little different and do a "photo booth" at their wedding..hehe. All the guests got right into and it was way too much fun! So above is a small selection from that..enjoy.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Eva & Simon's Wedding

And so here it is...(thanks for waiting guys!!!!)... the wedding of Eva and Simon. They opted to have all their coverage at the cute location of The Gables in Malvern and the weather held out beautifully and Eva's dress was a lovely shade of soft pink no traditonal white for her!! YAY.... Always nice to see a bride break tradition ;)

Caught on camera Simon!!!..thats one way to get rid of the pre-wedding jitters...

What's a wedding without good food!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes I am still here!

Ok it seems like forever since "I" have posted, but Rebecca has been trying to keep you upto date a little, while I weave my way through a huge few weeks of weddings and trying my hardest to get them up ASAP! Eva...they should be up soon I promise (and she wore PINK! yay!) hehe...
Following them will be the very cute couple Kylie & Anthony and the WOW venue of Ripponlea Estate..YUM. We also did a "Photo Booth" during the pre-dinner drinks which way too much fun, I will share a few of those as well!
Thanks for staying tuned eveyone.. Vanessa