Monday, March 24, 2008

Shushka & Daniel's wedding

Well this was no ordinary country wedding! The location, ( Mountview Estate) details her gown and head piece....WOW, and with a Moroccan theme (which was amazing). So guys here is a little sneak peak of your so fab wedding day! (just so you all know there wasnt any offical bridal party ;) I am getting more and more of those for some reason)

lets start off with some of the to LOVE a theme wedding!!

isnt she so devine..

too cute, managed to capture this during their ceremony ;)

there was also some butterflies released during the ceremony

how is THIS for a VIEW!!?!!...thats where the ceremony was held

and this image would have to be 1 of my favs of the day..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jackie & Gavin part 2

Here is the 2nd part to this AMAZING wedding! As I know I few of you were after a story re her gown...well below Jackie kindly emailed this to YOUR response...from somewhere in Italy mind you! I guess you 2 are having a fab trip! Hope you enjoy these next few images!! Vanessa

Hi Girls... Anyhow... we have been logging on to your blogspot every couple of days to see if you had put up any pics! Saw the first 2 that you put up back on 3 March and absolutely loved them... Then I got a text message from my mum at 3am (italy time) the other day saying I should check out the blog... WOW!!! We are so excited by what you've posted and, even though we want the next 3 weeks to last as long as possible(!?!), we can't wait to get back so that we can go through all the photo's... Vanessa - you've done an amazing job, just like I knew you would!... As far as the story behind the dress... well there isn't one really... as you know Vanessa, I'm not really a traditional type of gal... Gav and I have been to numerous weddings over the past 4 years and there's a theme running through them all... white strapless dresses - looking back, even though each of the brides looked beautiful, I can't remember their dresses and in my memory they all wore the same dress! Harsh maybe... but I figured that you get one chance to wear an amazing dress and I wanted to wear something that I loved and that made a statement... I suppose something that would make jaws drop without being "what was she thinking"... and since I never wear white and my favourite colour is teal... I thought hell... why not? Then came the hard task of finding someone to design and make the dress of my dreams... I searched online for couture designers who made dresses in colour and stumbled accross Wildberry's website... as you know, from there I found not only my photographer, but also got a referral to Zhanel where Ange and I collaborated to ensure the dress as you see it now! Hope that answers your questions! As I said... really looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics :)
Talk soon Jackie & Gav

how are these flowers in contrast to this gown!! Wowsa!

the crazy bridal party.....

and of course our famous photobooth made an apparence...hehe

OK double..hmmm TRIPPLE YUMMMMM how is THIS table of goodies!!! The ever fab Marissa @ A lavish Affair here set up this unbelievable table of treats for the guests! And I was told there wasnt 1 piece left!! AS IF! And to top it off look what was on EACH table below OMG...jars & jars off LOLLIES!!! (ok note to self...shouldnt post images like this when hungry!arhh)

and to finish...the cake...oh darn it MORE food...yip the mouth is watering NOW!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Re Jackie's gown!

Sorry everyone...I have been over loaded with emails and also a comment from "Jane" (left on my blog..) re her gown. I was going to write more about the wedding etc in the next post as I am WAYYYY neck deep in work and getting a little behind and just wanted to get a couple up for all those wanting a peak till I could get the rest up.
A couple of facts that I do know is the gown was designed and created at Zhanel.
I have photographed a number of their amazing gowns (all but 1 image on the site are mine ;) Re the colour I know Jackie just LOVES that why not wear it then hehe..
But I would love to get the WHOLE story for you from Jackie herself...hence we will have to wait till she ends her honeymoon traveling around Europe...sigh...(which I think will be in about 3 weeks). UNLESS Jackie gets to read this while she is away and wants to add a comment! (Or can make a comment..if she can get access..)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Jackie & Gavin's wedding part 1

OK here is the 1st part from THIS WOW wedding!! Take a looky at the colour of Jackie's gown!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! And man what about the flowers below! This weding had the wow factor all over it from the colour gown to the black veil and and...hmm you will have to wait till part 2! here is a peak as I know Jackie will be checking every internet cafe in Europe (where they went for their honeymoon...sigh ;) waiting for these...hope you both are having a great time over there and look forward in catching up when you get back...
so stay tuned for part 2 (which I hope wont be too far away!)
You can also take a look at the session I did with them a couple of months ago here
managed to grab this before her gown went on over the under skirt..

I was so excited that I actually got THIS shot! Gavin is a fireman and just before Jackie made her grand walk down the isle a fire truck flew past! hehe

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sam & Anita's wedding..

Well here is this glam couple..some of you may remember them from a shoot I did a few months ago where they braved the sea and went in clothes and all! see here
Ok Anita wasnt quite up to that in her beautiful "Luci DiBella" gown..hehe.But they were champs and braved dirty laneways and met up with each other prior to their ceremony which was at the Melbourne Town Hall to capture some images, hence they wouldnt be keeping the guests waiting so long.
how cool is Sam and his hat! ;)
I captured this as we arrived at the reception at " Champions"...Anita was hanging for one of thes cocktails!
we managed to do another photo booth at their wedding as well...the guest were having too much fun! LOL

this is Anita and her dad arriving for the ceremony..
how cute is her face in this 1 above...big breath Anita....

instead of the traditional bouquet Anita wore this fab orchard on her was so devine! I sooo loved it.