Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Junna & Antony's wedding part 1

I will have to share this beautiful wedding in 2 parts as I should have had some of these up a few days ago! Sorry guys! But now things are slowing down just a little I thought I would jump on tonight and do as much as I could ;) So enjoy these few for the moment, and more will come and I will also write a little more about this wedding when time permits.

How special is this of her dad just before they walked down the aisle!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jessica & Leigh

With Christmas nearly upon us things are getting more than a little crazy..but I so want to share some images from some amazing weddings that I have been capturing! Jessica & Leigh live overseas and with the help of family and friends pulled of a detailed full wedding that made my eyes pop with joy...we were off to a good start when I spied a "Tiffanys" box and then the "Jimmy Choo" shoes! A girl with style ;)
Got to LOVE peonies! what a shame they are only available about 2 months of the year here..sigh

Jessica was just like this beautiful doll that you could just box up...

how groovy were the guys socks!?!

ther were a few tears shed during the ceremony..

OMG! how lucky were we wiht this peacock!!! I think it put on a show just for them ;)
and instead of table numbers they had places where they had been..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coming up weddings

Thought I might just give you a little heads up of what is coming up..as I am madly trying to post these weddings up ASAP but I have to try and get some of their things ready for Christmas first, so hold on to your seats as all 3 of these amazing and totally different weddings will be worth the wait! Next up will be Jessica & Leigh....

Closely followed by Junna & Antony

and last but not least
Rahni & Trent (actually you might have seen this image in both Melb & Sydney Herald Sun papers last Sunday)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nicole & Adrian

Nicole & Adrian's wedding day, weather wise was wet, windy and wild! to say the least. But that was not going to stop this fun loving couple having fun. And due to the weather we did all the photos in lightening speed and managed to beat the rain...well nearly as you will see in 1 shot. We got through 5 totally different locations in just 24 mins of shooting time (plus some travel time). I hear so many times from couples thinking they need at least 2 hours..but hopefuly these photos will speak for themselves as I am sure they dont look rushed but instead having fun, which to me is what it is all about. Once the photos were done we headed off to the fab reception venue The Royce Hotel.Nicole had this beautiful detail on her gown...

the rain stopped just as she arrived..

and how is this! As she walked down the aisle this beam of sunlight shone down on her..

hehe Nicole making sure it was on I think ;)

haha too funny Adrian! Showing me he is now married..

guys can't you read hehe
time to chill out a little..

I just love this shot! We were walking our way back to the car when you guessed it the rain came! On with the running shoes and off we went...and Adrian is laughing at me still taking photos. But I love the action.
Inside the glam reception at the Royce