Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shani & Reuben part 2

The 2nd post to this wedding will show the amount of incredible details that went into the reception and the whole day. I have never seen a wedding well themed like this before and what was the icing on the cake was having pro lighting guys there creating this unbelievable setting at the reception (money well worth guys!). I could have not got some of the images I did without them and their enjoy...
here are these 2 cute kids again...they were dolls!

hows this for a location!
see what I mean with the setting...

Guys thanks for allowing me to be apart of this amzing day...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shani & Reuben part 1

This wedding will have to be in two parts..well because I went into a details frenzy again and I am having trouble picking which ones to put rather than delay it any further I thought that I would put up to the ceremony for now.
Where was this incredible winter wonderland themed wedding?? "Morning Star Estate..that is some venue to have a wedding!

ok I am a little green..sigh

this image above is just too funny..there is a bridesmaid under there somewhere, she is taking the gown to Shani..

isnt she just devine..

lots of beautiful colours at this wedding...

now this is an arrival!

these two were just tooooo cute.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well this year is off to full steam ahead...there are some great weddings this year along with a hot air balloon wedding and a Hayman Island one as well. And I dont like to post without an below is the very cute couple Shani & Reuben wait till you see this wedding...I will hold off on all the details for their post...stay tuned!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Rahni & Trent's wedding

I am slowly getting caught up on my blogging! Lets hope this year I get a chance to post a little more.
Rahni & Trent are this amazing fun loving couple and I felt blessed to be apart of their special day. The weather leading up to the day wasnt looking good but on the day the sun appeared! The wedding was down at Lorne and it was all just perfect.

some of the detail made for the wedding...I just loved them!

how cool do these two look!

the flowers were also fab! Not just a bunch of
roses for Rahni ;)

Rahni was such a champ climbing up on these rocks and the waves came up on her feet...but she just ran with it and had a ball..

all the bridal party were a blast and so much fun..

surfboards played a big part of the day..

the venue was done up great with lots of little details...
and below hows THAT for a cake!!!! It really looked like a real sand castle!!