Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Michael & Brooke's wedding

I would have to say that this wedding would come close to the biggest bridal party I have ever done! 16 of them! So it was a challenge to say the least but it was a beautiful and magical day and Brooke didn't even have 1 rose in her flowers! Go Brooke! As much as roses are beautiful it is great to see something different..(there were even limes in them yes limes..too cool!) I have known Brooke and her family for many years and its lovely to see this little girl I once new become a beautiful bride..congrats to you both!

how cool is this...the bridal party arrived by boat for the reception!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Win this cooker!

This it a bit of change of pace I know hehe...
But how would you like to win this cooker!!! Oh my I know I would!
I have being doing some work with the wonderful and talented interior designer Shaynna Blaze. Some of you might have seen Shaynna on the show "Selling Houses Australia" well she has just launched her new website (with some of my images in there wink wink) and with that is a chance to win the above cooker! Go check it out here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Blog on its way!

I thought it was time to get a new swanky blog and well its just about here!!
Should be up and running within..hmm..I hope in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned and get ready for it!!! I hope you all like it!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Libby & David's hot air ballon wedding!!

This wedding will stay with me for a very long time..Why? Well where do I start??? With the most magical morning you could ever dream of to have a hot air balloon wedding Libby & David were so blessed and so was I to be apart of this special event. My heart skipped a beat when they 1st enquired with me as it has always been my dream to do a wedding in a hot air balloon (more wanted please hehe). So when they booked I was super excited and to top it off I was asked to be their witness as well WOW! What an honour..I felt so special and touched..
The basket was nice and cosy with just enough for the 5 of us..the couple, the celebrant, the balloon operator and of course ME! So very intimate.
I wasn't going to let any part of this special morning go amiss so hence Bec went in another balloon to get the overall view of the couples balloon and then I decided it would be best to have another on the ground as well..(thanks Fi!) So it was well and truly covered...Once we reached a suitable spot and height the ceremony took place and man it was so beautiful! Once the "high" hehe of the trip was over it was then off to have a breakfast where family were waiting for them and we then signed the papers on the ground and we all had breakfast. The couple then had a celebration evening dinner with over 100 people (so more images later). I have included a slide show link below for those of you on pc (sorry mac users).
Special thanks to Marlon and his team @ http://www.hotairballoning.com.au/ for everything. Enjoy this special event..