Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Janine & Jamie part 1

I will have to do their wedding in 2 parts as with the little hiccup on Monday I havent been able to complete my selection to go up on the blog. Sorry guys I know you are away on your honeymoon, but I will try and get part 2 up asap. Hope you are having a great time! Janine & Jamie's wedding was just devine and they didn't let a little (well ok ALOT) of rain dampen their day. Yes it did not stop the whole day..I know we need rain but all in 1 day...oh well, but in part 2 you will see what we got in the rain!
Now how are these flowers for the WOW factor!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A couple of portrait sessions

Ok I have a few images from a couple of sessions I did recently. Sorry for being a bit behind but I had a major hiccup yesterday!!
All geared up to get a full days work in as my son started back at school and only 2.5 hours after dropping him off, yep get a call from the school nurse...hmmm he has hurt his arm and up to the hospital we go and yes he broke it and has to have a week off school due to where he broke it!!...sigh..
oh well hence why I am a little behind in the blog department.
1st session is from the Mavor family and I have been lucky to be apart of capturing their family and children for a few years now.
And little Oliver has entered the family and I first photographed him as a new born (which seemed like yesterday) and now look at him...
Then it was time to get one with his mum and dad
Of course it was off into our garden to do the whole beautiful family together

This is from another family that has had many sessions also from it feels a great honour to see all these families grow! Mandy & Damien had me photograph their wedding and now they have 2 beautiful kids. Little Wyatt has these amazing blue eyes!
Then we had some fun with the 2 of them (with big sister Shelby)...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jo & Paul

Jo & Paul got married on a real steamy hot Friday afternoon. These guys were so laid back (well on the outside anyhow hehe) that they were too easy to photograph and the great thing was that the makeup and hair was all done when we got there (had a big run with the makeup & hair taking way too long than they told the brides) so it was alot less stress and a calm house-hold where the girls were getting ready,
which made for a nice change.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sorry been busy..

OK so I havent posted for over a week, but sorry I have been really busy with 2 weddings and lots of portrait sessions in a matter of just a few days. So this weekend is catch up time (hmm so much for a long weekend break...hehe oh well) and I will try to put a selection up over the next few days...stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shelley & Jerome!

What a wedding to start 2007 off than with this one! Shelley & Jerome chose a vintage theme for their day and carried it off really well and it was a great change to see a groom in a suit other than black. The location was at the beautiful "Butleigh Wootton" receptions and the venue worked in perfect for the theme. Enjoy..oh and more up on the site within a couple weeks.

Monday, January 15, 2007

A little image

I know it has been nearly a week...but wait until you see the next wedding I have to put up of Shelley & Jerome! Worth the wait! But I will try and not write words without at least 1 image.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Catherine & Jordan

I am doing their wedding in March and had a chance to capture them together before the big day. Catherine is this amazing painter and you may see one of her paintings in the background. And of their little dog Suzie just couldnt get left out!

Mark & Dee

Mark & Dee's wedding was the last one for me for 2006! And what a wedding to finish off the year with...(she had lots of details!!) and we all know how I love my details.
The wedding was so stylish and lovely with no stone left unturned, so with that I better show you all a little peek (and as usual more on the website soon). how cute is her mum as Dee walked down the aisle

And gosh dont you just love this staircase!

And this was the cake! Lots & lots of little ones all covered in chocolate...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Yeah pictures!! Melissa & Paul

I know...well with Christmas and all it has been hard to keep this up to date..but lets start with this cute couple!These guys did book me for their April wedding but then a get a phone call from Melissa late last year telling me they were going to ELOPE!!
And they did in the beautiful Cook Islands. So of course I had to do a little shoot of the 2 of them when they got back in their wedding attire...
and here are a few.

Goodbye 2006!

Man is it THAT long since I blogged??!! Naughty me!
Well I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and had a great New Year.
Gosh I havent posted many images o man bad me!
But I will do my best over the next few days to play catch up, so stay tuned.