Monday, September 25, 2006

UK wedding part 2

Ok just a few more from the wedding in the UK wedding of Amelia and Euan..(more will be up on my actual site soon).
So what is a UK wedding without HATS!! And lots of them, gosh they looked amazing, here is just a small selection..yes just a selection as there were many more!

The beautiful bride

The church where the ceremony was at..

Now for the group photo!! hmm how did I get THIS??!!

Like SO! it looked alot higher from up there, and thats the Marcus from C2 video here in Melbourne (worth a call, great stuff he does!!) in the other window..he flew in from Melbourne also.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Amelia & Euan...UK wedding

What can I say and how lucky I was to capture these two on their wedding day. It was a great honor to be apart of such a great day.Gosh these two were so in love it was great. And so was the beautiful weather we got for the day.Ok just started going through the hundreds of images from their wedding...boy how can I pick?!?! So no doubt there will be two parts as I have only just started and I am sure I will find some more favs as I go along (as I did promise Amelia's dad that I would post some this weekend for him). This is the beautiful detail on her sleeve of the gown. Oh and a big thank you to Helen who came out and assisted me too!!

This is them walking into the reception through the cobblestone streets in Cambridge.

see what I mean with this hall and being something out of Harry Potter movie.

This one is the bridal dance and then it all broke out as you can see from below! man could these guys dance! (Helen got the one from the top while I was down on the floor..the joys of 2 photographers..a must I say)

So as I said there will be more to follow soon.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Well I am back!

Made it back safe and sound, but now just have to try and get the body clock back into the Aussie time zone! For some reason it wants to get up at 3am!!LOL...
oh well the cons of going overseas I surpose.
Now that I am back I cant wait to share some of the UK wedding of Amelia & Euan... so stay tuned as I am working on it as there are many images to go through...dont know how I am going to pick my favs to go on the blog!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Wowsa! What a was like we were in a scene from Harry Potter!...I will just post a couple till I get back home and can inform you more, on the details...

See what I mean!..see me on the left hanging out that window trying to get a great view of the wedding. This is the bride..Amelia
And I just loved the 2 toned colours of the bridesmaids dresses, it was so different..
the happy couple..

And a night shot we grabbed during the reception

Well we made it!

Well finally made it over to the UK after a very long flight plus then a car trip up to Cambridge for the wedding. What a beautiful city Cambridge is and the buildings are just amazing....the history dates back so far it is hard to comprehend sometimes.
Just a couple of images till I get back home..

Me and my husband Ray going down the river Cam (in Cambridge) on a punt...hehe our driver fell in!!...darn it missed that shot! Too busy looking at all the buildings!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Spring is here!

Oh golly golly gosh...things are hotting up now in more ways than one!
Just recovering from photographing 78 kids last week.....
Hence I will post some images soon...(well I hope to before I head off ). Yes only 3 more sleeps before I go to the UK to photograph a wedding...hmm cant you tell I am getting a little excited..hehe
With the weather warming up our portrait sessions are starting to really book up, so if you are thinking of booking one please call soon as we dont have much until Oct.