Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pam Family: Part 1

It's me again...Vanessa has been banned from blog duties as she has sooooooooooo much editing to do!!! So I've pinched a few pics of the gorgeous family shoot we did recently down at the Docklands Waterfront. This is only part one...more to come in a day or so because there were so many fantastic moments in this shoot!

Here is a perfect example of what can happen when Vanessa is let loose and the family doesn't expect cheesy smiles for the camera...which can prove impossible when your dealing with a 1yr old and a 2yr old anyway! The images captured of this gorgeous family brought out the obvious love between them.

too cute!


Re: Emails

Just a quick note regarding emails, we seem to have a bit of a back log with some emails coming through almost 48hrs late!!!! Maybe we are getting to many hehehe. So if you have an urgent request or queries please contact the studio on (03) 9755 7000 rather than via email.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anna & Stephen: Part 2

This is the 2nd part of Anna & Stephen's wedding.....Thanks for waiting guys!!!!!. And stay tuned for Eva & Simon in the next week who had a enchanted ceremony at the Gables.

The bridal party where such good sports considering the temperature had reached 40 degrees.

How cute was this flower girl!!!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anna & Stephen: Part 1

I will do 2 parts for this wedding...This wedding was at the amazing location in Yarra Glen "Chateau Yering" but man was it a HOT day...I think even hot is an understatement. Cant believe the guys managed in their suits! I so loved the bridesmaids dresses...too cute and hows the flower bag the flowergirl had instead of the traditional basket! So I shall stop typing and load some images for you...

this was just as we arrived to photograph the guys
love it how Stephen kicks back with a beer as his groomsmen attend to him..hehe

love the hive of activity of this one..and the very cute bride!they held the ceremony on the front lawn under the shade of the big oak tree..(or elm LOL)..sorry gardening is not my thing..but I will say it was BIG and green...

this is the flower bag I was telling you about..

so more to stay tuned!!

SPLISH SPLASH I was taking a bath

Here is little Isabella, isn't she adorable! Vanessa did a new-born shoot of her last year and she is nearly a year old now and her favorite time of the day is Bath time!!!!

Little Isabella loves taking a bath with her rubber duckie :)

It doesn't get much more adorable than this :)
And this is my favorite from the day!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anna & Anthony's city shoot!!

OK..finally!!! Yes it has taken me a while to get this up BUT they are here NOW! These are the couple from the wedding images in the last post below but these ones were done a day or so AFTER the wedding day. The wedding day didnt really allow time to go into the city and get the images they wanted so Anna asked if we would do a shoot after the event, and well here are a couple from that nice early morning might even be able to see the clock time (its around 6.30am on a Monday morning ;) I hope you 2 had a great time and managed to have a relaxing honeymoon cant wait to catch up with you both. Let me know when you are back ;)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Anna & Anthony's wedding!!

OMG I have got these up! I know I am a bit behind...sorry guys! So enjoy this little teaser for now ;)
Anna & Anthony chose to see each other prior to the ceremony so they could go off, just the 2 of them and get some photos done. The ceremony and reception was at the glam Butleigh Wootton and it was a fab day. The bridesmaids dresses were so cute and I loved the devine flowers they had...nice pick Anna....
So there will be a part 2, (as you have no doubt read in prior posts) of the shoot we did in the city 2 days AFTER the wedding day...
..a little detail..(this was on Anna's dress..)

ok getting glam..doesnt always look glam..hehe

dont know what it is about this shot...hmmm but I just like it! maybe its too late at night who knows! LOL

this is the moment Anna graced the staircase to met Anthony prior to the ceremony..

and ....

oh toooo cute......

the flowers I was telling you about...

the bridesmaids off to the ceremony...

dont know if Anna will hate me for this 1..but I love her face in this image..