Friday, February 23, 2007

Louise & Alf

Oh golly golly gosh and wowsa (is there such a word! hehe) are some of the words to describe this wedding. Louise & Alf were so in love and really had a ball on their day. I would have to say that their bridal party were also great fun to be with and they all put up with the strong winds down at Brighton champs you!
I couldnt even believe it when we started of at Louise's dad's place and through the door I could see that she was even DRESSED OMG a bride on time...and that hasnt happened for a very long time...( remind me for your blue ribbon Lousie hehe). Finally a hair & makeup person finished and done before I even get there..maybe they should be getting a blue ribbon makes such a difference to the photos and the stress level of everyone when the hair & makeup dont run late ;)
Well enough yapping and image time..and yes as norm more on the site in about 1-2 weeks.

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