Friday, March 09, 2007

The countdown is on!

OK only 12 more sleeps til I head over to the US to attend an international photographers convention and to also give 2 seminars! I have to say that I am excited and nervous all rolled into one. With the final touches being put on my seminars I realise how close it all is now and the nerves are getting a little edgey hehe. But I am looking forward in sharing with fellow photographers what I have been up to and I am sure I will learn a great deal as well. I also got asked to do a mentor sessions for the WPPI and the DWF (both photography realted of course) auctions they had to raise money for charity which is a great honour too.
Well back to the grind stone so I can share some more images with you.
Next up will be Catherine & Jordans wedding!!! hold on to your seats for these two! ;)


kristinbednarz said...

you will be great! Even if you read a back log of the DWF in your accent and tell us nothing new, you will be great, my dear!!!!!

Anxious to meet you!

Vanessa Hall said...

thanks Kristin, look forward in meeting you too!