Saturday, July 14, 2007

the 2nd USA shoot.. Jake & Ali

This shoot was the children of Jennifer Wilson who also is a photographer in the USA, and it isnt always easy doing OTHER photographers kids! Presure is on BIG time!OK I thought I would show you something a little different in this session, in that I have included a couple of "behind the scenes" shots! This 1st one is on a busy downtown street in Las Vegas and that is me on the right hand side with the green backpack on...And the next 2 images are from me at this very spot...

These next couple of images werent easy I am telling you!

And here is me making an idiot out of myself getting those shots..and yes it is a stuffed animal on my head..hmm

so there you have it..and hopefully it proves that you dont always need the beautiful flowering garden etc etc it is often just the simple places that work best.. ;)

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