Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lauren & Bens wedding

This is Lauren & Bens wedding that was held at Yering Station on an a beautiful day. There were lots of details which I did spot and hence had to capture them which you will see here is a little peak for you guys as I know you were coming home from your honeymoon this weekend!
Ben with their cute dog...
Love many guys does it take to do a cuff link hehe good effort boys it was so fun to watch, and you got through it fine ;)

And here is Lauren with the girls helping with the final touches

The glowing bride..

and all the bridesmaids..and yes 5 of them, must say I havent had that many for a while, but they were all a great help to Lauren.

Just a little detail I did at the home when we were about all done as she was about to walk up the steps to go inside.

How is Bens buttonhole flower! Cool, loved the touch of feathers used in the flowers (Lauren had some too!)

Of course details from the ceremony..

You might just be able to see mum on the right hand side with a tear being taken care of as she walked down the aisle ;)

Dont know why I like this image so much..just do..

the reception room!!

..and what better way to enjoy the pre-dinner view but with a fine drink or 2!

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