Sunday, March 16, 2008

Re Jackie's gown!

Sorry everyone...I have been over loaded with emails and also a comment from "Jane" (left on my blog..) re her gown. I was going to write more about the wedding etc in the next post as I am WAYYYY neck deep in work and getting a little behind and just wanted to get a couple up for all those wanting a peak till I could get the rest up.
A couple of facts that I do know is the gown was designed and created at Zhanel.
I have photographed a number of their amazing gowns (all but 1 image on the site are mine ;) Re the colour I know Jackie just LOVES that why not wear it then hehe..
But I would love to get the WHOLE story for you from Jackie herself...hence we will have to wait till she ends her honeymoon traveling around Europe...sigh...(which I think will be in about 3 weeks). UNLESS Jackie gets to read this while she is away and wants to add a comment! (Or can make a comment..if she can get access..)

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