Friday, May 23, 2008

Shane & Lisa's wedding in Port Douglas part 1

OMG! Yes its ME Vanessa! It seems WAY to long since I have posted...but good 'ol Bec has been keeping you all updated at whats been going on...I just cant believe how busy we have been and it is nearly Winter! (its meant to be the slow down time..but cant see that happening any time soon).
Well as some of you might know I went up to Port Douglas to capture this cute couples wedding. Gosh the weather was beautiful (well a little windy on the beach...) It was an amazing day and of course Lisa looked after my fetish for details in a BIG way!!..GO lisa!!) So I shall do 2 posts for these guys as I know you are eager to see some and I will follow with more images of you both after the ceremony soon;)
some yummy details....arh the white balls you see there were all hung up in the trees! Way too cute!

..and the glass slipper fits! hehe

Shane ready and waiting...

OK has everyone got their cameras ready she is coming.....arh yip I think so :D

Lisa had all these colourful umbrellas for all the ladies...Ooo more yummy hehe

so stay tuned more to come....

take care


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