Monday, June 23, 2008

Su Li & Andrew's Wedding!

Su-Li and Andrew had a beautiful day for their city wedding.
1st off Andrew had to met Su-Li and her family at her house and tried to get in the door..a few fun games there ;)
Then once he made his way through the door a traditional tea ceremony followed. Once all that was completed it was off to have their photo shoot at various locations before the evening ceremony and reception at "Zinc".take a look at ALL those camreas (and thats only about half of them) LOL! I am in there somewhere guys do break the record for the most cameras at a wedding for sure! a view of the back of her beautiful gown..

this was during the ceremony which took place inside "Zinc"
haha..there are ALL those cameras again..
they had selected these amazing table settings to set of the mood..

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