Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Libby & David's hot air ballon wedding!!

This wedding will stay with me for a very long time..Why? Well where do I start??? With the most magical morning you could ever dream of to have a hot air balloon wedding Libby & David were so blessed and so was I to be apart of this special event. My heart skipped a beat when they 1st enquired with me as it has always been my dream to do a wedding in a hot air balloon (more wanted please hehe). So when they booked I was super excited and to top it off I was asked to be their witness as well WOW! What an honour..I felt so special and touched..
The basket was nice and cosy with just enough for the 5 of us..the couple, the celebrant, the balloon operator and of course ME! So very intimate.
I wasn't going to let any part of this special morning go amiss so hence Bec went in another balloon to get the overall view of the couples balloon and then I decided it would be best to have another on the ground as well..(thanks Fi!) So it was well and truly covered...Once we reached a suitable spot and height the ceremony took place and man it was so beautiful! Once the "high" hehe of the trip was over it was then off to have a breakfast where family were waiting for them and we then signed the papers on the ground and we all had breakfast. The couple then had a celebration evening dinner with over 100 people (so more images later). I have included a slide show link below for those of you on pc (sorry mac users).
Special thanks to Marlon and his team @ for everything. Enjoy this special event..

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