Friday, May 05, 2006

Vow renewal in Vegas!!

What a day this was!!!
One hot couple on one very hot day! LOL
Jen & Steve Bebb who a 2 great photographers decided to renew their vows while we were in Vegas for the convention. Opps the order is a little out, but I am sure you get the idea.
This is Jen trying to get herself into a taxi so we could head off to the chapel! And I had a laugh when I saw the sign on the taxi as well.
Also with me on the day was the lovely Chenin (above) and her husband Doug. these guys are so talented with a camera and also got some amazing check out their blog as well for some other images.
Here is Jen trying on the gown and having a ball!
hmm waiting for the chapel.......
the outside of the fun was this place!!

I also had a play with my new toy (above)... it is a holga camera, and boy am I going to have fun with THIS camera!
This is me taking some a shot of Jen in the carpark...and the result below.

I just love this image for some reason, dirty feet and all...LOL....
And poor Jen squished (is there such a word??!!) herself into this space, because I had this crazy idea!

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