Friday, June 29, 2007

Shine & Andrews wedding

This is a little highlight of Shine & Andrews wedding with the ceremony in Malvern and then the reception at "The Willows". Apart from the lack of daylight by the time we got to the city for the photos the day went beautifully. The weather couldnt have been better for a Melbourne winters day and the sun even made a slight peak through the clouds.

A few minor adjustments....

Well they sat 2 are better than 1 right?? hehe..2 of the groomsmen showing their photographing skills...
yes she is in there!
oh how cute are the next 2 images!! This is Shine just as they were told they are husband & wife and the next one is Andrew giving his groomsman a wink after they had a kiss!!

many of you might know of this location..well beware you now have to PAY yes pay to use it!!
and then it was off to the reception...

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