Saturday, June 02, 2007

Louise & Mark's Bali wedding! part 1

Well here it is!! Some images from the Bali wedding I just got back from this week. I have just selected a handfull of images to go up as I havent even had a chance to even go through them in there is no real order..sorry! But I am sure their family and friends would be happy with any I am happy to share ;) . Louise & Mark were at another destination wedding I did about 2 years ago in Fiji for Liz & Josh and they were guests at the wedding as well so it was great to catch up with them again. This wedding was at this amazing venue on a clifftop called ''The Istana" and wowsa what a place to have a wedding, just take a look at the vista below... well enjoy and I will try and put part 2 up within the next few thanks for having me guys I hope you had a great time!

the girls were so much fun

and the handsome groom..
This is the view!! Just look at that cliff and ocean!


Amy Jo Bland said...

Love the photos! Gorgeous!

Rubina said...

Lovely photos - Lou looks gorgeous!
Beans X