Monday, October 08, 2007

Thank you Mel!

Ok how lucky do I feel!!!!
Some may remember my Fiji wedding last year and my champ of a couple that got into the sea in their gown and suit..(see above) for me to have a play ;)
Well today to my surprise Rebecca my assistant handed me a package today from them!
What could this be??? Well you guys make me feel SO special! These guys had sent my son (who is a big Sponge Bob fan) some amazing Sponge Bob things and a Sponge Bob joke book!! (hmm thanks guy now I am getting nothing but Sponge Bob jokes for the last few hours, but he was sooo excited)!...but that aint the end of it...Mel remembered how much I love snakes (lolly kind not reals ones!) and sent me a whole BIG BAG!!! Man 'O" man thanks guys...a thank you on the blog was a must!

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