Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where'O'where can Vanessa be?!?

Ok I am back!
I had a small window to finally take a family break without any photography assignments attached..can you believe it! I couldnt, the last time I got away for a family holiday was about 2.5 years ago! So where did we go...it was off to New Zealand and to visit the small town of Timaru where I was born and brought up (hadn't been there for about 15 years!).
We visited many places and clocked a few miles..(will try and share photos at a later date) as I now have to do the BIG catch up as half way through the 2 weeks I was all ready stressing out wanting to get back to my computer and attack the work load I knew that would be there for when I got back..hehe.. my assistant Recbecca jokes that I am a work alcoholic...hmm maybe I am!
So I shall start posting again ASAP and sharing many more images.

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