Monday, February 02, 2009

Carly's "Roaring" 21st

With us all melting in the massive heat wave thought some "cool" images from a 21st is in order! This 21st is certainly one to remember! The theme (1920's tea party with a twist of Alice in wonderland) was pulled off beautifully and all the little details made this a special party for sure. Carly is surly a beautiful person inside and out and I felt honoured to capture this great afternoon. starting with the teacups! everyone had their one special different one which I just loved!
hows her outfit!

how glam does she look!

well I didn't have too much time to do some portraits of her before the guest starting arriving...well 3 mins and 24 sec to be about a little pressure Carly..

how are these!!! there were 2 different ones of these for people to put their heads through to get photos...
and of course a bit of croquet was in order..

well a few tears were shed during the speaches ;)
and a few laughs..

I LOVE this! It's Carly with her brother. hehe

Carly during a slideshow her mum made of her over the year..guess she was just a little embarrased huh?

Look how some of the food was served!
Yummy! Ok I'm enough food, making me hungry.

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