Sunday, February 22, 2009

My close call during the fires..

Well these last 2 weeks have not been good ones for alot of people in Victoria. These fires have destroyed so much it is hard to comprehend. On THAT Saturday I actually had a wedding near them! We were unaware how bad they were as you are working and your main focus is on capturing the couples special day. It wasnt until we got to the reception venue and told we were in lock down and couldnt leave that we thought...well dont know what we thought really...I just kept working.
After much waiting we were told we had a very small window to get out NOW...Bec & I ran to the car and drove...and this is what we saw when we left! We had to drive through walls of smoke and flames at the side of the was scary...

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Donna said...

Vanessa, the professionalism of Wildberry is second to none. We are glad that you made it home safely. Matthew and I loved having you there to capture our special day.