Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anna & Stephen: Part 1

I will do 2 parts for this wedding...This wedding was at the amazing location in Yarra Glen "Chateau Yering" but man was it a HOT day...I think even hot is an understatement. Cant believe the guys managed in their suits! I so loved the bridesmaids dresses...too cute and hows the flower bag the flowergirl had instead of the traditional basket! So I shall stop typing and load some images for you...

this was just as we arrived to photograph the guys
love it how Stephen kicks back with a beer as his groomsmen attend to him..hehe

love the hive of activity of this one..and the very cute bride!they held the ceremony on the front lawn under the shade of the big oak tree..(or elm LOL)..sorry gardening is not my thing..but I will say it was BIG and green...

this is the flower bag I was telling you about..

so more to follow....so stay tuned!!

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