Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Take 1

Here it is..the first of many installments of Behind the Scenes! I know many of you guys have been waiting patiently for Anna and Anthony's images...but we have been having trouble here at the studio with which to select for the blog...due to the sheer volume of images we were able to capture because this couple had two shoots!!!! So i decided to show a behind the scenes preview first so you can see what we have to do to get some of the fantastic images to come :) These pics were from the 6AM (yes AM!!!) post wedding shoot we did with this cute couple. He he the the positions Vanessa finds herself in sometimes are worth capturing on film!
This image was captured directly after the above one. We were in front of Flinder St station in Melbourne City.

So thats just a little tease for now...the rest should be up soon...if we can choose!

Cheers for now

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