Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jessica & Leigh

With Christmas nearly upon us things are getting more than a little crazy..but I so want to share some images from some amazing weddings that I have been capturing! Jessica & Leigh live overseas and with the help of family and friends pulled of a detailed full wedding that made my eyes pop with joy...we were off to a good start when I spied a "Tiffanys" box and then the "Jimmy Choo" shoes! A girl with style ;)
Got to LOVE peonies! what a shame they are only available about 2 months of the year here..sigh

Jessica was just like this beautiful doll that you could just box up...

how groovy were the guys socks!?!

ther were a few tears shed during the ceremony..

OMG! how lucky were we wiht this peacock!!! I think it put on a show just for them ;)
and instead of table numbers they had places where they had been..

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