Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jodie & Greg

Well these two would have to be the cruisiest (is there such a word? hehe) couple. Jodie reminds me of a saying I once read "A calm bride is a beautiful bride". Mind you I am very lucky with my brides, I haven't had a bride freak out for many years haha...
I photographed Jodie as a bridesmaid in a wedding a few years back and now it was her turn....
The weather looked very dark and the skies rough but we only started to get a little rain at the very end! The flowers were great and had berries painted to go with the bridesmaid..

these 2 sisters were the most angel of flowergirls. I have photographed their mum & dad's wedding day and even when they were little. It is great to see them growing into beautiful well mannered little girls.

Couldn't you just eat him!

these two were having a ball!

we managed to stop by a winery that Jodie's dad organised for us to take a few shots at..
and Jodie is a travel agent so what better place to go than an airport! hehe

how are those storm clouds!
These guys were tooooo funny with these glasses..

and they had this jam personalised for their gifts to guests!
Very unique guys..never seen that before!

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