Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nicole & Adrian

Nicole & Adrian's wedding day, weather wise was wet, windy and wild! to say the least. But that was not going to stop this fun loving couple having fun. And due to the weather we did all the photos in lightening speed and managed to beat the rain...well nearly as you will see in 1 shot. We got through 5 totally different locations in just 24 mins of shooting time (plus some travel time). I hear so many times from couples thinking they need at least 2 hours..but hopefuly these photos will speak for themselves as I am sure they dont look rushed but instead having fun, which to me is what it is all about. Once the photos were done we headed off to the fab reception venue The Royce Hotel.Nicole had this beautiful detail on her gown...

the rain stopped just as she arrived..

and how is this! As she walked down the aisle this beam of sunlight shone down on her..

hehe Nicole making sure it was on I think ;)

haha too funny Adrian! Showing me he is now married..

guys can't you read hehe
time to chill out a little..

I just love this shot! We were walking our way back to the car when you guessed it the rain came! On with the running shoes and off we went...and Adrian is laughing at me still taking photos. But I love the action.
Inside the glam reception at the Royce

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